A better way to template

Templates are another major feature that we do differently than other EMR/EHR vendors.

Some Vendors Make You Click Too Much

Many EHR templates require you to build sentences by clicking finding after finding and navigating through menu after menu. This takes an inordinate amount of time and ends up making documenting a note take longer than it would if you were using a paper and pen. Exactly what EHRs are supposed to solve.

The Problem with Cookie-Cutter Notes

Other systems, in an attempt to avoid all the clicking, have developed a "documenting by exception" template process whereby you start with a completely normal note, and then click findings that are not normal. While this is an improvement over the painful clicking found in most programmer-designed systems, you end up having all your notes looking essentially the same - which is a recipe for an audit or worse.

Our Amazing Solution

Amazing Charts templates are designed to both work easily and to minimize the risk that your notes all end up being essentially the same. Simply right-click in any text box in Amazing Charts and your pre-fabricated templates pop open.