When you sign a note in Amazing Charts, an electronic superbill is automatically generated and stored for billing. All this encounter data can be reviewed under the chart's Account Information tab (see screen at right).

You can also print CMS1500 forms, invoices, and track payments in Amazing Charts.

Our 7% or Less Billing Solution

To really solve the billing nightmare, Amazing Charts seamlessly integrates with a number of high-quality billing services. Click here for more information about these services. 

Our billing service partners do all the work of billing, including insurance company submission, dealing with denials, balance-billing patients as appropriate, and online real-time reports. 

Interfaces to Practice Management Systems

For those practices who wish to continue billing themselves, Amazing Charts can be interfaced with a number of practice management programs, including EZ Claims, Medisoft, Lytec, Medical Manager, AdvanceMD, Medical Mastermind, Altapoint and many others.

Click here for a list of all our current interfaces to third-party products.