Being able to easily query your database and find all patients meeting certain criteria is one of the main benefits of using an Electronic Health Record - not to mention a core requirement for the government's Meaningful Use (MU) push.

Our user-friendly reporting tool provides common preset queries as well as the ability to build your own complex queries in an easy step by step process.

For example, with just a few clicks, you can find all your patients diagnosed with diabetes, who have an A1C > 7, and who have not been seen in three or more months. Amazing Charts allows you to pull essentially any criteria with ease. Some commonly used reports include:

  • All patients not seen in a user-specified period of time.
  • All patients with a user-specified diagnosis.
  • All patients taking a user-specified medication.
  • All patients overdue for a user-specified health maintenance procedure or study.
  • All patients with an order or referral that has not been completed within a user-specified period of time.