A patient's "Amazing Chart" is quite similar to their paper chart, and selecting tabs within their chart brings you to the various sections (i.e., demographics, summary sheet, prior visits, imported items, and account information).

Get to Critical Patient Information with Fewer Clicks

As we design the Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, we always consider a few critical points that are surprisingly overlooked by most other EHRs.

First, is that most clinicians want to see all the patient's information on one page. Whereas most EHRs make you navigate through many windows to get at various information, in Amazing Charts all of the patient's critical information is visible in one place, just as it was when you used a paper chart.

No more Re-Documenting the Same Information

When you pull a patient's chart in Amazing Charts, their last note is displayed, and you use this information as a stepping-off point for the current visit. In this way, the patient chart is a progressive record and you don't have to re-document items that tend to be more static, such as their past medical or family history.