Office Flow

The Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is designed to match your office flow – including scheduling appointments, instant messaging throughout the day between you and your staff, documenting notes, patient phone calls, etc.

And best of all, your patient and practice data are always right at your fingertips.

An EHR that Works the Way You Do

Whether you work alone or have a practice where each staff member has their own computer, the Amazing Charts EHR system will easily install and seamlessly integrate into your normal work flow.

The majority of our practices have Amazing Charts running on multiple computers, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and netbooks. All the computers connect to one "main" Amazing Charts SQL Server database located on one of the computers in the office, or for larger practices, on a dedicated server.*

And just as your office likely flows today—with a front desk person updating a patient's demographic and billing information on arrival; a nurse or medical assistant taking a chief complaint and brief HPI while doing vital signs and putting the patient in the room; the physician or midlevel doing the history and physical; and the front desk person checking the patient out—so too is Amazing Charts designed to work in this manner.

*A dedicated server is not required to use Amazing Charts but is a good idea for practices with three or more clinicans and all their support staff.